Founded in 2000, iCAM designs, manufactures, integrates and tests electrical/mechanical assemblies, subassemblies, and systems. We apply lean manufacturing strategies that underscore our ethic of striving for success — for ourselves and for our customers in diverse markets.

  • Experience.
  • Responsiveness.
  • Trust.

These attributes are hard to find in today’s marketplace, but they’re the backbone of our strong values and sense of integrity.

Through lean principles, policies, and processes, we are able to:

  • minimize waste
  • maintain flexibility
  • adapt to change in the design and manufacture of your equipment

Wherever you’re located, we’ve got you covered. Our facility in Bangalore, India is in the manufacturing heart of the Asia Pacific. Our facility in Bangalore provides a gateway to seamless, secure, low-cost manufacturing. We listen. We focus on details. We do the job right. When you work with iCAM, you work with experts committed to keeping your costs down and getting your product to market fast.