C-ARM Mechanical Assembly

The C-arm stand features rear-wheel steering for easy maneuverability and positioning.  An optimally designed and can be moved and set to enable to get the best viewing position.

The movement of assembly in all directions can be easily controlled with effective breaking systems. The assembly consists of about 300 manufactured and bought out Parts includes in-house machining and welding process.

Heat Exchanger Assembly

This UL certified  Assembly is part of X Ray tube and has been made with imported and locally manufactured parts. The Coolers used are thoroughly cleaned in our oil flushing machines to achieve cleanliness level of NASH 6.

The Assembled Heat Exchanger is subjected to:
1. Helium Leak Test
2. Performance Test
3. Hi-pot Test



Refurbishing of X-Ray Tube

CT X-Ray tubes are subject to extreme wear and tear over time. The X-Ray tubes become degraded with everything from oil to insulation coating the wires. Our customized  CT X-Ray Tube parts Refurbishing Process ensures that all mechanical components are reusable and the parts  tested to meet GE specifications

In addition to significant cost-savings, our well controlled refurbished X-ray tubes parts  will also increase the life of the refurbished X-Ray tube in the field..

Medical Trolley

This lightweight medical trolley is perfectly balanced and manufactured as an mechanical assembly can be used along with the X-Ray Unit anywhere within the hospital on a ramp or in the lift.

This well balanced trolley can be positioned to suit different bed heights. The vertical swing and horizontal rotation of the tube head enables to position X-Ray in limited spaces. This assembly is made of Seamless rectangle tubes which are neatly welded to suit the medical applications.



Gear Box Assembly

The Gear Box Assembly consists of about 20 parts include machined Bought Parts. The assembly is used as a part of Computed Tomography (CT) System  used to represent the planned instrument path of position of instruments like needles and probes during CT procedures.